Kiwisam Samoyeds


    Contact Celia & Wayne Harris at or by phone at
    (250) 832-3057

    Kiwisam Samoyeds, a CKC registered kennel, began in 1986 when we arrived
    back in Canada with our first two samoyeds. Sachina and Shar-ryk were acquired
    from Samivahn Samoyeds when we lived in New Zealand in the early 1980s.

    Our original breeding stock came from "Kobe" lines from New Zealand. During
    the past 6 years we have acquired quality puppies from the New Zealand
    "Silvertips" line, the male Tanaka from Zhakita Samoyeds in New Zealand, the
    female Ngaio from Novaskaya Samoyeds in the US, and the female Alixi from
    Khorobroi Samoyeds in Scotland.

    We have just had our first litter of puppies in more than three years and plan
    to have another in 2017 or 2018, likely mating Tzarka and Kiri.

    Quality puppies are sometimes available to select loving homes. We also
    welcome enquiries from Samoyed breeders about using Tanaka or Tzarka for
    stud or to suggest matings with our females. We also welcome proposals from
    local dog handlers with interest in showing our dogs, as we are no longer
    up to the challenge.

    Please take some time to view the links below to find out more about Kiwisam
    and please don't hesitate to contact Celia and Wayne Harris at or by phone at (250) 832-3057.

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